Giorgio De Chirico, the painter, sculptor, printmaker, writer and theater designer, was an influential pre-Surrealist and Surrealist artist. Born in Greece to Italian parents, his work is characterized by incongruous elements and a visionary, poetic use of imagery, in which themes such as nostalgia, enigma and myth are explored. His ideas were based on Friedrich Nietzsche's philosophy, something that has sparked controversy. But the spatial compositions of his paintings have greatly inspired European artists.

As the first exhibition in France on De Chirico's work in over 25 years, this retrospective brings together around 170 paintings, sculptures, graphic works and archived pieces tracing the trajectory of his career. The show positions him as the inventor of metaphysical painting. Significantly, De Chirico settled in Paris in 1911 and quickly became friends with Guillaume Apollinaire, who introduced him to his artistic circle: Picasso, Derain, Max Jacob, Braque, Picabia and co. De Chirico's work found a resonance with the birth of Surrealism and, as this show attests, his work flourished with originality.

February 13 through May 24, 2009
11 avenue du Président Wilson
75016 Paris
T. +33 1 53 67 40 00