Did you know that there are now over
20 mega-city regions, each comprised of more
than ten million people? Global Cities takes a tour
of ten dynamic cities around the world, from Cairo
to Mumbai, exploring each through five themes:
speed, size, density, diversity and form.
Sustainability, climate change and social issues
have become the most relevant and talked-about
subjects in contemporary architecture, as last
year's Venice Biennale proved.
These have become the 21st century buzzwords,
generously bandied about by politicians and urban
developers – but whether the modern metropolis
will change for the better, particularly within the
world's developing regions, remains to be seen.
The data can be daunting, but it's interesting
to observe each city's approach to these topics,
as well as newly commissioned work by leading
artists and architects Nigel Coates, Zaha Hadid
& Patrik Schumacher, Fritz Haeg, OMA,
Nils Norman and Richard Wentworth.

June 20 through August 27, 2007
London SE1 9TG
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