The 300-acre World Heritage site plays host to the
most significant exhibition to date of the
internationally acclaimed British sculptor Sir Henry
Spencer Moore. In 1958 Moore began creating
large-scale sculptures of such grandiose
proportions that they overwhelmed their
surroundings. The confines of the traditional gallery
space became unfeasible, and Moore took to
placing his work within the grounds of his home in
Hertfordshire. This exhibition features 28 such
works, encouraging visitors to engage with both
the sculptures and the landscape. As Professor
Stephen Hopper, Director of the Royal Botanic
Gardens, notes, "Henry Moore was not only one of
the 20th century's greatest sculptors, but he also
took his inspiration from nature, and the unique
landscape of Kew Gardens provides a fitting
backdrop for his work. Visitors will be able to enjoy
a walk in a beautiful environment through the
changing seasons of autumn, winter and spring,
with the benefit of a great arts experience at the
same time."