Fahey/Klein Gallery, Los Angeles

October 21, 2010 through December 4, 2010

148 North La Brea, Los Angeles,
T. + 1 323 934 2250

This exhibition of Herb Ritts photography contains some of his remarkable portraits, male & female nudes, as well as fashion photographs produced during his twenty-five year career in photography.

The Herb Ritts Archive has been stored in a vault since his untimely passing in 2002. All of the photographs on view are original prints made during his lifetime. Many of the photographs in the exhibition have seldom, if ever, been seen by the public. A limited number of prints exist of each image, and in some instances, only one print is available for sale. This exhibition represents an overview of Ritts’ influential and expansive output in the world of photography.

Herb Ritts left us a photographic record of his time and place, a portrait of our era. He not only created idealized portraits that radiate glamour, he also gave us a truthful interpretation beyond the surface of the sitter. He loved photographing notorious personalities – individuals with an edge. Herb didn’t just take pictures of Madonna and Richard Gere, he took the picture of Madonna and Gere. He was a master of capturing iconic figures within their pop culture moment. In fashion photography, he made the models “super.” The sand, sea, shadows, and sky were his backdrops. A perfect sculpted light, elegant strength and an enduring beauty are characteristics of his graphic nudes.