Verona, Studio la Città

Hiroyuki Masuyama's photographic lightboxes are intellectual, rigorous and conceptual. In his new works, the Japanese artist pays homage to Turner and the paintings and watercolors that Turner made during his journey from London to Venice in 1819. Following in Turner's footsteps, Masuyama took thousands of photographs of the landscapes that the English artist depicted and, once back in studio in Düsseldorf, studied, reassembled and experimented with them to create extremely elaborate and exacting montages. Look closely, and you see that tourists and store windows are integrated into the composite scenes that Masuyama, 40, has reconfigured. Turner's classical paintings are recomposed with elements of everyday, contemporary life that have been fashioned to evoke the past.

The works reveal Masuyama's ingenuity and reverence for the history of art, while moving art forward with his highly innovative techniques. With his lightboxes, he has reinvented the concept of the lightbox, and further explored the possibilities of digital photography. These works paying tribute to Turner follow on from his lightboxes of skies and flowers, which are similarly formed from thousands of reassembled images.

November 15, 2008, through January 31, 2009
Studio la Città
21 Lungadige Galtarossa
37133 Verona
T. +39 045 597549