Il Modo Italiano spans from 1890 to the present at
breakneck speed, presenting no fewer than 380
objects across a wide spectrum of media, from
architectural drawings to fashion. It is the link
between the many artistic disciplines that has
contributed to the development of Europe's
flourishing design scene, nowhere more
so than in Italy.
Works of art are placed in relation to everyday
objects, showing comparison and origins for
inspiration, bringing art into daily life via design. As
the boundary between art and design fades at a
precipitate pace, Il Modo Italiano offers an innovate
overview of these links to industrial (and more
recently, limited edition) design through the eyes of
architects, artists and, of course, designers.

Mart Rovereto
Italian Design and the Avant-Garde
in the 20th Century
March 3 through June 3, 2007
Corso Bettini, 43
38068 Rovereto (Trento)
T. +39 800 397760 0464 438887