Beit Ha’Ir Center of Urban Culture, Tel Aviv
November 27, 2011 – March 10, 2012
Bialik Street 27, Tel Aviv

This group exhibition, organized by fashion collective ThreeAsFour, brings together artists from all over the world and uses a visual vocabulary to explore the ties that bind the Jewish and Arab cultures. The project’s title expresses this concept at its core: to unite these communities—which originate from similar religious, linguistic, and aesthetic impulses—through artistic collaboration and mutual respect.

ThreeAsFour designers Gabi Asfour, Adi Gil and Ange Donhauser invited 10 artists to show works that relate to the coexistence of Judaism and Islam. These include Buthina Abu Milhem, Shari Diamond, Aviad Gil, Maria Hassabi, Jessica Sofia Mitrani, Yoko Ono, and Nevet Yitzhak.

Central to the exhibition is ThreeAsFour’s own Spring/Summer 2012 collection, which mix traditional Jewish and Arab imagery. By presenting different cultural talismans as a unity, the collection forms an aesthetic expression of sensitive coexistence.

“We’ve accumulated the energy of artists and performers who are like-minded,” Asfour said. “We tried to balance things from all sides, though it’s always difficult.”

Gil added: “Fashion and beauty are tools to promote togetherness and unity in different countries and cultures. We hope we can inspire other people to work together and not be scared of working together.”