The Noguchi Museum

This dynamic and productive working relationship, that lasted just under two years and began in 1950, between artist-designer Isamu Noguchi and interior designer Isamu Kenmochi marks an important and innovative collabortaion in the history of modern design, as both men pushed the boundaries between tradition and modernism.

While Noguchi's modernist aesthetic derived from his roots in New York, as well as a year-long apprenticeship in Brancusi's Paris studio, Kenmochi's, the man credited with the invention of "Japanese Modern", was linked to Japan and its efforts to recover from the Second World War, particularly evident in his focus on chairs, a symbol of the "westernization" of Japan.

Created by the late Isamu Noguchi in 1985 and occupying a renovated industrial building dating from the 1920s, The Noguchi Museum is is the only museum in the U.S. founded by an artist specifically for the display of his work. Eighty-five works on display here illuminate a legendary collaboration in interior design innovation.

September 20, 2007–March 16, 2008
9-01 33rd Road (at Vernon Boulevard)
Long Island City, New York
T: +1 646 486 7050