Verona, Studio La Città

Jacob Hashimoto's ethereal, mesmerizing kite-works prove that there's still a valid place for meticulous craftsmanship in contemporary art. Based in New York, the artist began building kites, at his father's suggestion, during his student days in Chicago after hitting a creative block. Unable to get them to fly in a nearby park, he made sculptures out of them. Hashimoto painstakingly paints and constructs hundred of tiny, delicate kites using Japanese paper and bamboo rods that are then threaded onto pieces of string. Suspended from the ceiling, his room-sized installations built out of thousands of kites are intended to evoke physical and metaphoric landscapes, such as cloud-like ellipses and skies. He also aspires towards making objects that might feel like a tree dappled in sunlight. "My work has always used nature and landscape as a jumping-point from which I can explore themes of abstraction and design," he explains.

For his fifth show at Studio La Città, Hashimoto, 35, is presenting several wall-based and large-scale pieces that continue this exploration. The most ambitious one is a complex installation comprised of several intersecting elements, including digital sculpture, drawing and kite canopies. As always, Hashimoto's works are utterly exquisite and poetic.

October 4, 2008, through January 24, 2009
21 Lungadige Galtarossa
37133 Verona
T. +39 045597549