Exploiting the existential elements, James
Turrell masterfully imbues light and sky with
a profound sense of scale and significance.
A key art figure during the post-war period
and part of the Los Angeles-based Light and
Space movement, Turrell takes art beyond the
canvas. Recently he has explored its interaction
with architecture – a concept that architects
like Zaha Hadid and Santiago Calatrava
have successfully embraced. Earlier works,
such as Meeting (1986) and his celebrated
Sky Spaces veer the viewer away from the
traditional form of static art, to a constantly
changing, evolving work, created by nature,
merely aided by Turrell. Although A Life in
Light looks at the man-made source, rather
than natural daylight, this light is still fundamental
to our existence. Turrell seeks to illustrate
how, with the use of color and form,
light can enhance our moods, our emotions,
in fact our whole being.

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James Turrell: A Life in Light
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