The NRW-Forum Düsseldorf pays tribute to veteran of
the visual arts, French photographer Jeanloup Sieff. A
regular contributor to Vogue, Harpers Bazaar and the
illustrious Magnum agency, the exhibition, organised by
Sieff's widow, Barbara, and curator Werner Lippert
shows the many facets of Sieff's celebrated work from
the outset of his career in the 1950s, spanning half a
century. Werner Lippert explains "We went through the
images of every decade, from 50s through to the 90s
and we identified his major influences for each decade;
in the 50s it was reportage, mainly fashion photography
in the 60s, nudes and landscape in the 70s and 80s
and then in the 90s it was portraits, but of course he
did a lot of other stuff. We then went through his life
and found a lot of quotes, which he wrote himself, so
we added them. When you walk through the exhibition,
on one hand it's chronological, but on the other hand it
illustrates his thinking, so at the end of the exhibition
you could say you know him a little bit." An early 1970s
portrait of designer Yves Saint Laurent and of Jean-
Paul Gaultier taken in 2000 are the more familiar
images of the 150 strong collection, which is
predominantly unseen works from the estate of the
artist who passed away in September 2000.

NRW-Forum Kultur und Wirtschaft
Jeanloup Sieff: Inedits/Unveröffentlichtes
May 26 through August 26, 2007
Ehrenhof 2, 40479 Düsseldorf
T: +49 (0)211 89 266 81