The Brant Foundation Art Study Center, Connecticut
November 11 – March 2014
941 North Street, Greenwich, Connecticut
+1 203-869-0611

This exhibition presents a comprehensive survey of almost fifty works by Julian Schnabel including paintings, drawings, and sculptures from the mid-1970’s to the present. “This is a great opportunity to show a contemporary master painter and to review his oeuvre,” said Peter Brant, the publisher and founder of the Brant Foundation. “I have known Julian for close to thirty years, spent a great deal of time with him in his studio and have collected his work continuously. It is clear how important Julian is to the landscape of contemporary art, and remains a pivotal figure and a huge influence to the younger artists of today.”

Since his first solo exhibition at Mary Boone Gallery in 1979, Schnabel has forged a singular pictorial language that embraces unconventional methods and materials. Beginning with his earliest works, Schnabel broke with the prevailing paradigm of Conceptual Art by forging a unique artistic practice that embraced figuration, personal narratives and references to history and mythology. Challenging the notion that there is any difference between figurative and abstract painting, Schnabel has founded his work on an infinite exploration of different ways of putting paint on a pictorial surface.

As Schnabel explained in his monograph CVJ (1987): “I don’t think the battle between figuration and abstraction is even an issue. Anything can be a model for a painting – a poplar tree, another painting, a smudge of dirt.”