Berlin, Contemporary Fine Arts

Katja Strunz is widely considered one of the most promising artists of the upcoming generation. Her geometric, conceptual sculptures – both the large-scale pieces and wall sculptures – protrude into space, offering multiple vanishing points and perspectives. The alignment of her elegant folded pieces is often disrupted by placing a wooden or a metal shape next to them. Taking ideas from Robert Smithson and Constructivism, the 28-year-old German artist's formalist and rigorous work has won her acclaim from critics and curators alike.

Strunz's first solo show with Contemporary Fine Arts reveals her interest in various materials and the dimensions of time. Her sculpture of copper stairs recalls her earlier work "Brunnen" from 2000, which was an old metal set of stairs that the artist had found in an abandoned swimming pool and which she appropriated. Meanwhile, "Der Müde Traum" – the largest work in the show, comprising several white-painted wooden elements – can be entered by the visitor, thereby creating an independent space. Her "Memory Wall" is also impressive; the cubes that appear over two floors have been dented, as if they are in a state of dissolution or rupture. The title suggests nostalgia for the pure abstract form of the black squares.

October 28 through December 20, 2008
10, Am Kupfergraben
10177 Berlin
T. +49 30 288 78 70