Perimeter Art & Design, Paris
25 avril au 15 juin 2012
47 rue Saint André des Arts, 75006 Paris
+33 1 55 42 01 22

This exhibition is inspired by British art critic David Batchelors’ book: Chromophobia (which in French was published under the title ‘La Peur de la Couleur’ or ‘The Fear of Colour’). Batchelors’ book argues that fear of colour is deeply rooted within Western society, culture and intellectual thought. He cites that fact that colour is often associated with some “foreign body” – countries, age groups etc. – as evidence of our inclination to fear certain hues.

For the exhibition of the same name, curator Maryam Mahdavi designed four spaces that represent birth, teenage years, adulthood and death – each with its own colour. Filling the rooms with a mix of furniture and decoration, she translates the arguments of Chromophobia into the design world. The exhibition includes classic pieces of design as well as new works by Aldo Bakker, the Campana Brothers, Miguel Chevalier, Check Diallo, Janette Laverriere, Tomas Libertiny, Maryam Mahdavi, Ifeanyi Oganwu, Paola Petrobelli, Pierre Paulin and Studio Job.