This imposing exhibition could also rightly
be called "the power of architecture." Right during
the International Architecture Biennial that will fill
Rotterdam with contemporary architecture and
its themes, the Netherlands Architecture Institute
has turned back the clock and set its spy-glass
on the work of a huge landmark figure in the
history of the field: Le Corbusier. With a vast show
of over 450 works of all types – including original
drawings, models, paintings, tapestries, films,
photographs, sculptures, furniture pieces and
interiors – the show spotlights the creative drive
and force that were Le Corbusier's. This was an
artist who was not afraid to mix genres, as can be
seen too in comparing his creations to the related
works also included in the show, by artists close
to the architect – major figures, from Picasso
to Braque to Léger. What shines through
is the unparalleled artistry and inexhaustible font
of creation that were Le Corbusier's.

May 26 through September 2, 2007
Museumpark 25
3015 CB Rotterdam
T. +31 (0)10 4401200