Storefronts, billboards, streetscapes, pedestrians — the banalities of everyday Americana were an never-ending source of inspiration for Lee Friedlander, who, along with Walker Evans and Robert Frank, is one of the most important photo-documentarians of America's 20th-century social landscape. Attentive to the subtle variations of forms and light, Friedlander produced richly descriptive urban images that reveal the uncontrollable energy of life just as they illustrate the transformative power of photography. In the early 1990s, Friedlander photographed the landscapes of his native American West. These images illustrate his taste for grandiose and strange settings, and convey the intensity of his vision. This exhibition, curated by MoMA's formidable expert on photography, Peter Galassi, covers the full range of subjects explored over Friedlander's impressive fifty-year career.