Light Art Biennial Austria 2010: “Private Light in Public Spaces”
Linz, Vienna & Innsbruck
September 1 through December 17
Various locations across Austria
The inaugural Biennial of Light Austria 2010 is an exhibition of contemporary art dealing with light, which is taking place at various public and private locations across Austria. The slogan of the Biennale is “private light in public spaces“. Artists from all over the world were invited to show their light projects in streets, squares and public buildings, trying to empathise with the places and the people who frequent them or simply work there.
Already completed artwork are shown as well as artwork especially created for the Biennale. The keywords are light-art, public and private, which build the triangle of eagerness. The public exhibition spaces were selected by the artists themselves. There is no border and no limit, so every artist has the greatest possible freedom of action.
This first Biennial for Light Art in Austria aims to generate a dialogue between society and art. The spontaneous conjunction with art in public spaces leans on the art concept of Joseph Beuys from 1965, “How to define the paintings to the dead rabbit” in Düsseldorf.
Among the selected artists are dedicated light artists as well as artists who are using light in art for the first time.