This exceptional exhibition is the first of its kind in France to honor the mesmerizing treasures of Thrace, the ancient civilization that once extended across parts of Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey. Presenting over one hundred magnificent designs in gold and silver —including jewelry, decorative objects, armor and harnessing — this unprecedented show offers fascinating insight into this under-studied civilization. Only the most prestigious pieces, including many recently discovered objects, have been selected for display, highlighting the civilization's most brilliant era, that of the royal Thracian dynasties (6000-3000 B.C.). Producers of the world's most ancient gold (4500 B.C.), Thracians were some of the earliest metalworkers and the mastery of their medium shines through each elaborate object. As a result of their unusual geographical position between Asian and Europe, Thracian imagery bears remarkably Greek, Persian and Scythian influences. Above and beyond each object's unique artistic virtuosity, every piece on display helps complete the puzzle to this mystifying civilization.