A young designer with his own boutique on Paris's Place Vendôme, Lorenz Bäumer has never been exhibited or sold in America. This spring, the National Jewelry Institute brings his brilliant creations across the sea, culling some 150 pieces from private collections all over the world, for a double show at the Forbes Galleries and the Didier Aaron Gallery in New York.

The cosmopolitan Bäumer, born in Washington D.C. to a German diplomat father and a French mother, has traveled the world since his birth in the mid-1960s. So many exotic climes were a spark to his creative mind, and he started off his jewelry-making career with the decidedly eccentric materials of champagne corks and aluminum foil. Now he works with more classical materials, yet the real world still flows through Bäumer's jewelry, with animal and vegetable shapes creating supple, surprising adornments.

The Forbes Galleries
Lorenz Bäumer: The Creative Process of a Jeweler
April 19 through June 16, 2007
62 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10011
T.: +1 212 206 5548