The Treachery of Images
Works by René Magritte (1898–1967) and 31
contemporary artists are boldly displayed at
this exhibition. As the wellspring for fifty years
of artistic innovation, the great Belgian
Surrealist's creations are both the heart and
the body of the show. Displayed alongside
works from later artists Magritte inspired, they
also surround and envelop visitors to the exhibition—
from the entrance, modeled on a
Magritte painting of a door with an uneven cutout,
to galleries with sky and cloud carpets, to
museum guards wearing derby hats like the
men in the artist's cityscapes. The influence on
later artists is palpable, too. Shifts in scale and
materials, the combination and collision of
words and images, transformations of the
human body, and painting "badly" are four tactics
used by Magritte that later artists have
exploited in his wake. And the waves are still

Los Angeles County Museum of
Contemporary Art
Magritte and Contemporary Art:
The Treachery of Images
November 19, 2006 to March 4, 2007
5905 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90036
T: +1 323 857 6000