This season, the Chagall museum premieres the
first exhibition dedicated to the artist's fascination
with the mysterious chimeras and man-beasts of
mythology. A recurrent theme of the Chagall's
oeuvre, his interest in these mythical creatures
stemmed from the medieval sculptures of his
native Belarus and works such as Goya's Caprichos.
These ethereal hybrids often offered insight as
dreamlike metaphorical symbols of the painter's
life. There were strong religious connotations, too,
particularly relating to the Hasidic traditions
surrounding his home town of Vitebsk. Chagall
often included self-portraits, portraying himself as
half-man, half-beast. The highly vivid palette and
surreal subject of this 20th century master's finest
works exude humor and a playful optimism, even
during the bleak, tragic periods of a life that
spanned almost a century.

June 28 through October 29, 2007
Avenue du Docteur Ménard
06000 Nice
T: +33 (0)4 93 53 87 20