27 May - 11 June, 2011
Passage Saint Paul, 75004 Paris

Passionate about architecture and design, Marie Paccard began designing furniture for her personal use and produced her creations with the help of masons and cabinetmakers.

Advised by her friend Bernard Lamarche-Vadel, she opened a contemporary art gallery on rue Jaques-Callot in 1986, where she showcased work by Jean-Luc Parant, Jean Tinguely, Bram van Velde, Philippe Berry, Philippe Charpentier, Franciszek Starowieyski, Élisabeth Mercier, Nebojša Vukadinovic, Jean-Luc Le Floch’, and Françoise Jourdan-Gassin, among others.

A descendant of seven generations of bell-founders from Annecy, Paccard grew up close to the workshops and amidst her family`s affinity for metal. It thus seems natural that she chose to work with steel, sometimes combining it with wood, always in a very minimalistic manner.

Paccard seeks to optimize the functionality of her furniture based on aesthetic rules; she uses clean and simple lines that emphasize the apparent lightness of the metal. Working with steel in its natural state: a simple alloy of iron and carbon laminated at different thicknesses for the majority of her pieces, Paccard chooses to retain its original near-black aspect with techniques such as sanding (while respecting the natural variations of the material), steel oxide treatments and varnishing to allow for a delicate finish.

Much like wood, steel is a noble material, very much alive that requires regular maintenance and the exhibition shows examples of her `open libraries` and one-of-a-kind steel and wood furniture, made to measure according to individual commissions.