Photographer Bert Stern had a dream, one that many photographers shared: to photograph Marilyn Monroe. In 1962 in Los Angeles' famous Bel-Air Hotel, his dream came true.

On the day of the shoot for Vogue magazine, one question remained: would the notoriously unreliable actress show up? When she finally arrived, five hours late (early by Monroe's standards), Stern convinced her to pose not only nude, but also virtually without make-up, unheard of, even today. The result was outstanding. A spectacular contrast to the glossy studio shoots that created a celluloid icon, Monroe appears vulnerable and human, even surgical scars are revealed.

However, the images were deemed unsuitable for the fashion magazine and she was asked to pose once again for Stern. Marilyn Monroe died the day before the publication of the pictures. The Last Sitting is a small selection of an incredible 2,571 photos taken during the grueling 12 hour shoot.