Mats Gustafson: Fashion, Figures, Faces
Millesgården, Stockholm
13 June - 22 September
Herserudsvägen 32, 181 34 Lidingö, Sweden
+46 8 446 75 80

The main motif of Mats Gustafson's drawings over the past thirty years has been the constantly changing world of fashion. In this genre, Swedish-born, New York-based Gustafson is a master and what is distinctive about his interpretations is his sensibility and his creative ability. Using a paintbrush (pen or chalk), paint and paper, his work doesn't only sum up the character of the garments, but also incorporates the vision of the designer and the zeitgeist that all true fashion is a part of. It is a great strength that his images reflect the style of what he is portraying, but what this compilation of three decades of work also shows, is the power of his personal style, as well as the diversity of his expression. The afore-mentioned sensibility not only characterises Mats Gustafson's relationship to the motif, but it is also evident in his approach to material and technique. He makes use of black ink's calligraphic possibilities and the fast movement of the line, the register of watercolour ranging from sheer to layered density and weight. With his use of pastels the continuous surfaces are emphasized, resulting in striking abstraction.

Gustafson's images have, with a few exceptions, mainly been shown in printed form. This exhibition makes for a change of context drawing attention to characteristics in the originals that are hard to reproduce in print - not least their tactile qualities and expression. The works were produced between 1983 and 2013, a long time considering the high circulation rate in the fashion world.