The dazzling young Canadian gemstone artist
Andreas von Zadora-Gerlof is the subject
of this somewhat macabre show. Memento mori:
the Latin phrase for "Remember your death"
or "Remember you are mortal." The phrase
translates visually through Zadora-Gerlof's
creations into is a series of intricately
hand-carved skulls, made from a wide range
of precious gemstones. The exhibition is the fruit
of a conversation between the artist
and Hamiltons' director, Tim Jefferies, who was
so intrigued by Zadora-Gerlof's work that he had
the gallery strike out from its usual territory
of photography and call on Zadora-Gerlof
to create these pieces, which the artist
meticulously sourced and carved in what he calls
"a battle of man vs. stone." Hewing this reminder
of human mortality into resistent gems was
thus a twofold struggle, both spiritual
and material. The results shine through in the
dark spiritual glory of bright matter.

June 6 through June 22, 2007
13 Carlos Place
London W1K 2EU
T. +44 (0)20 7499 9493