With over 180 ancient glass objects from the
collection of Erwin Oppenlnder, acquired by
the Getty in 2003, "Molten Color" offers visitors
the exceptional chance to feast their eyes
on a treasure trove that has never been displayed
before in North America. The works
shown in the exhibition come from a wide
range of periods in ancient glass production,
from the first Mesopotamian glass, circa 2500
B.C., to Byzantine and Islamic glasswork of
the 11th century A.D. Alongside the ancient
perfume flasks, bowls, cups, and containers is
a demonstration of glassmaking techniques,
such as core forming, casting, mosaic, inflating,
mold blowing, and cutting, which were
used to make the objects. Most strikingly, all
of these techniques are still currently in use
by modern glassworkers and artists.