Palazzo Strozzi, Florence
17 September 2011 - 22 January 2012
Piazza Strozzi 50123 Florence
+39 055 2776461-06

“Money and Beauty” uses Renaissance masterpieces to show how the modern banking system developed in parallel with the most important artistic flowering in the history of the Western world. The exhibition, comprising of over one hundred works of art, highlights links between high finance, economy and art, and the religious and political upheavals of the time by examining the birth of the modern banking system and the economic boom that it triggered.

The development of the art patrons is closely linked to that of the bankers who financed the ventures of princes and nobles alike and it was this convergence that allowed for leading artists of the time to flourish. By demonstrating the ways in which the Florentines were able to dominate the world of trade and business, and thereby finance the Renaissance, the roots of Florentine power in Europe are revealed.

The exhibition offers an opportunity to look at art from a cross-disciplinary perspective involving economists, politicians and diplomats, and see how the Florentine Renaissance grew from open, as well as hidden, relationships between art, power and money.