Paris, Grand Palais

The French Ministry of Culture and Communication yearly invites a renowned contemporary artist to formulate an installation work suited to the 13,500 square meters of space available in the Grand Palais.

With responses by Anselm Kiefer in 2007 and Richard Serra in 2008, French artist Christian Boltanski takes up the open invitation this year. “The visitors will not be before a work, but will be in a work…” the artist explains.

His visual and sound-based installation, entitled “Personne”, the English translation of which would be “No One”, explores identity through storytelling, memory, iconography and ephemera. The title, in both French and English, interestingly imply a presence, a “somebody”, by way of indicating absence. Boltanski says he thinks his work is quite classic; he approaches the questions that art has always tackled, "chance, God's law, and death". How these classic themes speak to identity is perhaps the viewer’s assumptive role in viewing his work.

January 13th through February 21st, 2010
Avenue Winston Churchill
75008 Paris, France