Monaco, Grimaldi Forum Monaco

The Romanov dynasty that reigned over Russia for over three hundred years left behind immaculate treasures. Over 500 masterpieces on loan from both private and major collections from France, Switzerland, the Prince’s Palace of Monaco, the Moscow Historical Museum and the Kremlin Museum in Russia reveal 19th century Moscow in particular, as a city undergoing a cultural renaissance and as a true artistic capital under the reign of the last Czars, Alexander III and Nicholas II. Priestly vestments and a collection of icons, as well as porcelain, gold and silver work, glassware and ornate jewels evoke the atmosphere of the Orthodox liturgical ceremony, the urbanism, the architecture, court life and the palace interiors. Films and photography also document the personal lives of the royals behind this collection of exquisite objects. Members of the imperial family also placed orders with historic French brands that are still at the top of their game today, such as Baccarat, Cartier and Fabergé, and add an interesting element to the exhibition.

July 11 through September 13, 2009
Espace Ravel
10, avenue Princess Grace
98000 Monaco
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