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A homage to a diva, the life and career of Oum Kalsoum is presented in four sections uniting photography, album covers, music, audiovisuals, costumes and related works by other artists. The Egyptian Kalsoum is an icon, known as the voice of her region in the spirit of her time.

The first section "The Egyptian" reviews the political context in which her talent evolved, progressing naturally to the second part, "The Talent", which sources her success, her music, and her unique style of improvisation; there will be extracts of the six films featuring Kalsoum between 1935 and 1948. The third section, "The Engagement" traces her involvement in the political arena. Lastly, "The Heritage" explores her influence on style, such as the Haute Couture collection by Khaled El-Masry named in her honor, as well as accessories by Sarah Beydoun, among others.

These artifacts attest to the diverse facets of a woman renowned for her vitality and cultural presence.

June 17th-November 2, 2008
1, Rue Fossés St Bernard, 75005 Paris, France
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