Perrin & Perrin

Martine Perrin (born 1949) and Jacki Perrin (born 1943) live and work in Paris, where from their atelier in the city’s 10th arrondissement, they create glass sculptures using a unique technique that they term “build-in-glass”. This technique lies somewhere betwen casting and pâte de verre, and gives the artists the possibility to control “the heart of the sculpture”. Their relationship with their medium is best described by the artists themselves:

“To writing for its construction, its economy, its efficiency… To architecture for its connection, its organisation, its coherence… To music… we refer. Glass is our partner.

Through proposal we try to give glass a specificity, to mark the stages, to pick out the changes, to understand the developments, to compare, to wait for answers, to find something specific. To search for a singular view. The works, united by a common point, organise themselves in a strong internal hierarchy. All are infinitely different.

“Build-in-glass” is the best technique to have an essential thought in combination with glass and to suggest objects relating to culture.”