Galerie Flore, Brussels
April 18 – June 16, 2012
40, rue de la Vallée, Brussels
+32 47 334 4543

Timed to coincide with Art Brussels, which took place April 17-21, Galerie Flore is exhibiting a group show of works by photographer Nancy Coste, inter-media pieces by duo Arotin & Serghei, as well as the galleries latest acquisitions.

Launched in 1995, the duo Arotin & Serghei is comprised of Viennese artist Alexander von Arotin and Russian artist Serghei Victor Dubin. Based between Berlin and southern France, they create singular works in multiple media, using architectural elements, musical compositions, scientific measures, videos and texts. Color, light and symbols appear as pure substance in their work. At Galerie Flore, they reduce sound to a simple line on paper and focalize light in such a way that it is compressed into a succession of primary and enchanting colors. The spectator’s perception will change from one work to another.

For the first time in Europe, Galerie Flore is also exhibiting a vast selection of Nancy Coste’s photographic works. Exceptional in quality, these photos developed on Diasec (a copyrighted technical process of “plexi-mounting”) are edited in two copies only, extremely rare in the world of photography. American-born Coste has worked with leading news and fashion magazines and is known for her portraiture.

The final component of the group show at Galerie Flore’s unusual townhouse space is a collection of new acquisitions, which includes “Bags” by Dutch artist-designer Ted Noten
and “Nine” by renowned American artist Robert Indiana.