New York, Gagosian Gallery

Putting the final decade of Picasso’s life into a new creative context, this show revises the artist’s later work with thrilling new discoveries that focus not just on the influence of his circle, but on imaginary personages – musketeers, matadors, cavaliers, prostitutes, circus performers – borrowed from the history of art or developed in conversation with his friends.

Picasso’s later years are often viewed as relatively creatively mute, however this exhibition organized around a large group of important, rarely seen paintings and prints spanning 1962-1972, suggests how the portrayal of the aged Picasso has obscured the highly innovative and contemporary nature of his late work. During this period he delved not only into the work of the great masters for inspiration but examined his own body of work and its influence as part of his constant quest for invention.

March 26 through June 6, 2009
522 West 21St Street
New York, NY 10011
T. +1 212 741 1717