Centre Pompidou

Thirty years ago, with Renzo Piano, Richard Rogers designed the striking – or even shocking – Centre Pompidou. Last year, Rogers was awarded the Pritzker Prize, the crowning achievement for any architect. This retrospective of the man's career gives a comprehensive look back at the span of his work and partnerships, from early activity in the 1960s with Norman Foster and Wendy Foster as well as Su Rogers as part of Team 4, on through to more recent projects with his agency Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners. A close-up is also given of the Centre Pompidou itself and of the work that went into its conception. But rather than simply following the history of this English architect of Italian descent, the exhibition gives a thematic reading of his work, dividing the show into eight categories: READABILITY, TRANSPARENCY, PUBLIC, SYSTEMS, ENVIRONMENTAL, LIGHTNESS, URBAN, and WORKS IN PROGRESS. Each category is illustrated by six or seven Rogers projects, brought to light through photos, drafts, films and models. Truly brilliant.

November 21, 2007 through March 3, 2008
Place Georges Pompidou
75004 Paris
T. +33 (0)1 44 78 12 33