Carpenters Workshop Gallery, London
September 12 – November 29, 2013
3 Albemarle St, London, W1S 4HE
+44 20 3051 5939

Well known as a fashion designer, designer Rick Owens also creates unique, extraordinary furniture. This unusual research for a fashion designer is not completely unprecedented; Poiret, Lanvin, Rei Kawakubo and others have all ventured into furniture design at one time or another.

Rick Owens’ designs evoke original furniture through archetypes. There are a number of typologies: the ceremonial chair Curial, the Trident chair and its structure, the armchair from a chest Halfbox, the Roman Daybed, the private resting space of the Boudeuse couch; he reintroduces the Screen that becomes an alcove, wall or sculpture in addition to the big dining table Plug Table.

Through his choice of subtle and rare materials, Rick Owens suggests the beauty of original nature and develops a contrasting palette of black and white that confirms the designer’s taste for the monochrome. The 500,000 year old fossilized wood throws up subtle nuances of smoked brown and the blackened plywood provides a counterpoint to the lighter tones; alabaster, a sublime material used by sculptors in Sumerian times whose transparent pallor echoes the color of the ivory of a cow’s bone. Dealt with in juxtaposition, the values come together and compose a three-dimensional piece that is totally relevant to the designer’s own style. He cuts and shapes a transversal and global universe, from fashion to furniture.