Galerie Flora Jansem, Paris
May 31 – June 23, 2012
18 Avenue Matignon, Paris
+33 42 66 58 10

This exhibition showcases the paintings and large painted screens of Paris-based artist Ruben Alterio. Born in Buenos Aires, Alterio entered at the age of 13 the Buenos Aires School of Fine Arts. Following a brief period in Brazil, he established his studio in Paris in 1973 and has since dedicated himself entirely to his artwork. His work spans a range of genres and forms of artistic expression, having collaborated with the happenings of the performance group Urban Sax and participated in productions at the Powder Theatre. He has also created the décor and costumes for both Nicolas Le Riche’s B.R.V choreography and Marie-Claude Pietragalla’s ballet Don Quixote, as well as illustrated editions dedicated to the shows of Alfredo Arias. Described by one critic as the embodiment of Baudelaire’s 'Painter of Modern Life’, noted by another for the theatricality that exudes from his canvasses and for the way in which he inscribes the gesture involved in the thick brush strokes into his work, Alterio remains unwavering in his passion for painting and sketching.