Michael Hoppen Gallery, Ground Floor

One of the most iconic images of street photography, American Girl in Italy portrays a confident but demure woman walking through a group of Italian men at full attention. A moment captured with only two exposures and minimal, last minute staging, the woman in this photo is the young American Ninalee " Jinx " Allen Craig. She and Ruth Orkin, still in their 20's, were working on a photographic series originally entitled Don't Be Afraid to Travel Alone that documented their experiences traveling alone as women in Europe in the early 1950s.

This, among other images from Ruth Orkin's life and career, display her unique talent for narrative and humor. Orkin went on to a successful career as photojournalist for Life Magazine and Esquire, among others, as well as a career as an independent film director with her husband Morris Engle. The selection is co-curated by their daughter Mary Engel and is a notable opportunity to view classic photojournalism from the perspective of a woman photographer.

June 6th–July 15th, 2008
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