Ayyam Gallery, Cairo
October 19 through November 30, 2010
19 Abou El-Feda Street, El-Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
+20 2 2736 5858

The Middle East-based Ayyam Gallery inaugurates its new Cairo branch (joining outposts in Damascus, Beirut and Dubai) with “Still Dreaming”, a solo show of recent work by leading Syrian painter Safwan Dahoul.

Born in Hama, Syria in 1961, Safwan Dahoul has recently become one of the Arab
world’s most prominent painters. Among the highest grossing Middle Eastern
artists to date, his outstanding auction sales and blockbuster shows with Ayyam
Gallery have made him widely popular with regional and international collectors
alike. That he has perfected a unique approach to painting, one incorporating a
variety of influences, speaks volumes about his success, as he impacts the local
art scene and leads a new generation of contemporary Syrian art.

Having studied in Damascus and Belgium, and having presented in Europe and the US, Dahoul’s art is undeterred by national borders. His style of painting has
been inspired by a vast range of art history, including ancient Assyrian and
Pharaonic art and European masters such as Hieronymus Bosch and Pieter
Bruegal the Elder. Elements of international Modernism and Post-war painting
such as the Cubist inspired monumentality of Picasso and the sociopolitical
foreboding of Francis Bacon can also be detected. Yet the Syrian artist’s canvases
demonstrate a profound originality, namely the formation of his aesthetic
through the detailed exploration of a haunting female subject and the continuous
awakening of the subconscious.

“Still Dreaming” is an exhibition of introspective portraits that resonate with breathtaking monumentality and profound inferences.