A large new exhibition at the The Swedish
Museum of Architecture is devoted to the
Japanese architecture duo,
SANAA – a.k.a. Sejima + Nishizawa
and Associates. Their firm is at the cutting edge
of contemporary international architecture,
with a deep attachment to an aesthetic approach
backed by high-caliber technical solutions.
Founded in Tokyo in 1995, the firm is international
in its reach, with projects spanning from Kanazawa
to Essen, Germany, to New York – where the New
Museum of Contemporary Art, which they
designed, is slated to open later this year. Along
with their plans for art museums, SANAA also
design furniture and other objects. And in keeping
with the modern day focus on space, transparency
and transversality, their designs play with openings
and blurred boundaries between the inside
and the outside. The curatorial choice
of the Arkitekturmuseet for presenting these
monumental pieces is to display models, along
with photographs and videos, capturing the whole
creative spirit of the duo.

May 15 through August 19, 2007
SE-111 49 Stockholm
T. +46 8 587 270 00