The jewelry designer Seaman Schepps rose from
Hungarian immigrant roots to rub shoulders with
the upper-crust in mid-20th century America,
creating pieces for the likes of such unofficial
royalty as Marlene Dietrich, Katharine Hepburn and
Doris Duke, along with members of the DuPont,
Mellon and Roosevelt families. It's eye-opening to
see just how groundbreaking he was, with splashy,
bold designs that brought new luster to these
crowns. On show are some 150 pieces of his
jewelry and designs, showing different angles of
his work, from the earliest known surviving jewelry
pieces – a pair of Art Deco bracelets with
engraved emeralds, rubies and diamonds set in
white gold – to his "Rio" bracelets of the 1940s, to
a large coral-branch bracelet made when Schepps
was 88. From the classic diamonds, sapphires and
rubies to the more off-the-jeweler's-path seashells,
sandalwood and walnut, Schepps worked
in a range of registers and was deeply influenced
by Asian art. A great talent, royal in his own right.

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