New York's Pace Wilderstein gallery plays
host to London gallery Eskenazi Limited's
exhibition of ceramics from the Song Dynasty.
Under the 10th- to 13th-century Song
Dynasty, China flourished culturally. It was a
time of great social and economic change,
and with it came a refinement of the arts and
crafts, particularly in the field of ceramic techniques
and technology. Song ceramics were
renowned for their perfect form and unique
glazes, achieved through experimental
processes. The arrival of China's leisure class
during the North Song period (960-1127)
brought increased production as well as new
influences. When the emperor and court fled
to the south after the invasion from the north
by the Jin Tartars, production also went south
to Hangzhou's already flourishing ceramic
industry. While the south became known for
its more sophisticated ceramics, the northern
kilns continued to produce, turning out utilitarian
stoneware. Highlights of the exhibition
include twenty rarely seen Song pieces
acquired by Eskenazi in recent years.

Pace Wildenstein
Song: Chinese Ceramics, 10th to 13th
March 19 through 31, 2007
32 East 57th Street, 2nd Floor, NY 10022
T: +1 212 421 3292