Hermitage Amsterdam
19 March – 16 September 2011
Amstel 51, Amsterdam
+31 (0)20 530 74 88

The Hermitage Amsterdam is presenting ten centuries of exceptional Russian art with their show Splendour and Glory, which provides the first overview of the spiritual and artistic traditions of the Russian Orthodox Church ever shown in the Netherlands.
The tremendous artistic riches of the Russian Church are emphasised by magnificent religious treasures that date from when Moscow was the centre of church and art in the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. On display are more than 300 religious artefacts – icons, fresco fragments, robes, paintings and historical books, many of which bear images of saints. Attention is focused on the origins and development of Russian icon painting, with Kiev as its birthplace, and photgraphs of important churches and monasteries in traditional religious centres reveal the flowering of monastic and ecclesiastical life.
Imposing iconostasis, exceptional fourteenth-century frescoes from Pskov and a wealth of magnificent icons from the Hermitage St Petersburg as well as other renowned Russian collections clearly put forward the Russian Orthodox Church's great importance to both the tsars and the imperial army.