The first retrospective of Steichen's work in Europe since his death in 1973, not only is this exhibit an opportunity to view the work of one of the most controversial and influential figures in the history of photography, but also an opportunity to enter into dialogue with some of the key questions concerning the medium at large.

Steichen's prolific career is impressive in its trajectory - from painter to art curator, celebrity portraitist to government photographer, his professional approach is worldly and artistic, commercial and creative. Unsatisfied with art for art's sake or the creation of what he called "high-grade wallpaper," Steichen directed his eye toward service – service to the commercial demands of New York City advertising and service to the American government for his nation's wartime morale. He proves himself as an artist in the widest sense that the medium of photography will allow.

Featuring previously unseen fashion images from the Condé Nast Archive and classic images of figures such as Marlene Dietrich and Auguste Rodin, Steichen: Lives in Photography proves itself to be a canonical exhibit for training the photographic eye.