London, Piero Passet Gallery

For British photographer Stuart Redler, Rajasthan's Thar desert presented the perfect environment for the artist's stark, high contrast style. A striking effect is created by shooting exclusively in black and white, exploiting the intense light of the desert.

For more than 20 years, Redler has traveled throughout Africa, America and the Middle East, capturing the spirit of the people, the rawness of the rich landscapes and the fascinating diversity of indigenous architecture.

Redler's latest exhibition focuses on the culture and architectural heritage of India's largest state. Everyday scenes, such as local inhabitants at work and the varied forms of transport capture the romance of one of India's most beautiful regions.

October 31st 2008, through February 27th 2009
Piero Passet Gallery
21 Fleet Street
London EC4
T. +44 (0)791 235 2733