National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi
17 January – March 2014
Jaipur House, C-Hexagon Road, India Gate, New Delhi, India
+91 11 2338 6111

'Everything is Inside' is the first exhibition Germano Celant has curated in India and is the first time he and Subodh Gupta have worked together.

The exhibition is spread across two buildings – the ornate Jaipur House, originally built as the residence of the Maharaja of Jaipur in 1936, and the museum's modern concrete and glass extension constructed in 2009. Celant uses the historical edifice of Jaipur House to focus on Gupta's paintings and small-scale sculptures, made from everyday objects such as the ubiquitous tiffin. In contrast, the modern wing of the museum houses a selection of Gupta's large-scale work, including a site-specific installation the artist is unveiling especially for this exhibition. He will alter the staircase in the centre of the gallery's new wing into a cascading mass of stainless steel culinary utensils, frozen mid-avalanche. The highly reflective, sterile steel surface visually emulates the ironic seduction of a natural disaster.

Much of Gupta's previous work is also concerned with literal and metaphorical journeys. 'Everything is Inside' features itinerant images such as a luggage trolley carrying two large suitcases; a motorbike laden with milk pails, and an iconic Mumbai taxi cab sinking under the weight of its cargo. Cast in bronze or aluminium, Gupta transforms and gives significance to the commonplace baggage loaded onto each vehicle. Autobiographical works such as 'My Mother and Me' (1997) and 'Bihari' (1999) included in the exhibition make reference to
the artist’s affinity to his roots and memories of his childhood environment in rural country.