The crossroads of Surrealism and design are the
subject of this exhibition, the first ever to collide
the two realms. From design objects by Surrealist
artists, such as Salvador Dalí's famous Lobster
Telephone or Meret Oppenheim's Table with Bird's
Legs, to Surrealist-inspired works by designers,
Surrealism's influence on that field is reflected back
mirror-style onto itself. Delving into treasure troves
of clothing design, furniture, stage design, jewelry,
film, advertising stills and even a purple-painted
house (owned by Dalí's English patron Edward
James), the show highlights Surrealism's
tremendous appeal and its hold over the creative
imagination throughout the mid- to late-20th
century. To that end, along with the 300 objects in
the exhibition, curator Ghislaine Wood has also
added a historical framework that helps
contextualize the development and representation
of Surrealism in and as design.

Victoria and Albert Museum
Surreal Things: Surrealism and Design
March 29 through July 22, 2007
Cromwell Road
London SW7
T. +44 020 7942 2000