Marseille, Espace Culture

During the sixth edition of the Quinzaine Culturelle Israélienne, French photographer Emma Mrejen attempts to convey the identity of the city of Tel-Aviv, where she now lives, through gritty, documentary style stills portraying everyday street scenes. The Parisian artist makes her French solo debut with a collection of 38 color photographs taking the viewer off the beaten track of the traditional perception of Tel-Aviv, offering another dimension of this secular city.

The physiognomy of the city in a state of perpetual upheaval due to new construction and constant evolution poses a sharp contrast against familiar streets on which the same chairs on the sidewalk and the same shop windows and have remained unchained since almost half a century.

March 4 through March 30, 2009
Espace Culture, 42 La Canebière, 13001 Marseille
T. + 33(0)4 96 11 04 60