Gundula Weber, Animalier Papier
Paris, Galerie Antonine Catzeflis

A while ago German artist Gundula Weber sent Paris gallerist Antonine Catzéflis a little black box containing the tail of a swordfish, to peak his curiosity… it worked. She jumped in her car and headed to sarrebrück to meet the artist and his menagerie of papier maché trophies.

Weber’s Paris debut features the sculpted heads of around 50 beasts, from grazing Llama to the polar bear. Using more than 100 meters of paper and three kilometers of hair, cut into strips, each bust harks back to days of big game hunting. “The relationship between animals and humans is an endless voyage of discovery and of exploration. Museums of natural history remain a constrant source of inspiration. Far from being ordinary trophies, the animals take on their own character thanks to the diversity of the papers that I use. Each head holds a story inspired by the colors of the animal, its intelligence, the way it moves or chooses to ignore us. There are a thousand reasons to celebrate the marvel of nature through a the approach of attention and respect” explains the artist.

June 3 through September 28, 2009
23 rue St-Roch, 75001 Paris
T: +33 (0)1 42 86 02 58