Hong Kong, Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware

Yixing, in the Jiangsu province about 100 miles west of Shanghai, is known as the “pottery capital” of China; here claims the origin of the world’s first teapots from the time of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644 CE). Purple clay is the common name for the material excavated from the mountains of Yixing; it is fine grained, perfect for modeling and, with continued use in the form of a teapot, allows a sediment to develop inside the pot that, according to connoisseurs, is ideal for enhancing the flavor, color, and aroma of fine tea.
The simplicity and naturalness of Yixing pottery became a favorite among Chinese intellectuals and is known to have inspired European earthenware such as British ceramic enterprise Wedgwood.
More than 100 pieces of fine Yixing ware, dating from the Ming and Qing dynasties to the 20th century will be on show. Alongside the masters that preceded him, Shao Da-heng’s work “Teapot with Fish Metamorphosing into Dragon Decoration” is one of the star pieces, while teapots by famous artists of the 20th century, including Gu Jingzhou, Jiang Rong, Xu Xiutang and Wang Yinxian round off the exhibition.

July 11TH, 2009 through May 17th, 2010
10 Cotton Tree Drive,
Central, Hong Kong (inside Hong Kong Park)
Tel: (852) 2869 0690