Florence, Palazzo Pitti

It is extrememly difficult to capture the incredible beauty of Italy’s famed palazzi, but the 60 photographic oeuvres of Massimo Listri beautifully encapsulate the opulence of each stately space. Listri takes viewers behind the doors of some of Tuscany’s most fascinating and secreted artistic spots, such as the Palazzo Martelli (currently still under renovation), Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana and Palazzo Davanzati. Listri’s expertly constructed shot of the corridor of the Biblioteca San Marco a three-dimensional quality, while the disarray amid the perfect backdrop of the Sala Bianca within Palazzo Pitti during the setting up of the exhibition, only adds to its allure.

Listri is one of the many celebrated names that have raised architectural imagery to an artform, as his spectacular career, which counts more than 50 tombs dedicated to art and architecture, and many solo exhibitions attests.
September 12, through October 18, 2009
Via dei Fossi
45r, Florence
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